Acacia Powder
The Power of Acacai Powder
Get your fill of soluble dietary fiber with NutriCargo's Acacia Powder. Grown in tropical and sub-tropical climates, the Acacia Powder has been revered for centuries by a multitude of cultures. To learn more, visit NutriCargo today and discover what makes Acacia Powder such a wonderful ingredient.
Your Prebiotic Provider
Acacia powder is known to be a prebiotic, meaning probiotics live on this. Acacia provides the energy needed to fuel the healthy bacteria to do their job.
A Long History
Acacia powder has a rich history dating as far back as ancient Egyptians, where acacia was used as part of the mummification process. It has since become a vital tool for those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.
Belly Buddy
Acacia powder, derived from the gum of the acacia tree, may help your digestive system by helping it absorb nutrients better and strengthening the body's immune system.
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